Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google Update


Google Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP)  initiative  was Launched on October 7, 2015, with the primary objective of delivering faster-loading mobile web pages and thereby improve the mobile web user experience (and the Google search experience).

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Project Update

Google held a meeting on 9 dec, 2015 to provide updates about its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) publishing initiative.

  • The company previously said that it will support AMP within Google search “early next year.” It confirmed that it “will begin sending traffic to AMP pages in Google Search as early as late February 2016.”
  • Twitter will begin to experiment with linking to AMP content provided by publishers early in 2016.
  •  AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages found out by Pinterest, currently testing publisher AMP pages in their iOS and Android apps.
  •  Messaging apps LINE, Viber, and Tango will link to AMP content in early 2016 as well.
  • WordPress will support all publishers that wish to enable AMP pages beginning in January.
  • Analytic tools like comScore, Chartbeat, Google Analytics, and will have AMP support in their tools by late February.

Google also updated on four key areas of the AMP Project: Advertising, Analytics, Subscriptions, and Content Format Innovation.The key updates covered in the meeting are explained in the company’s blog post. Here are a few Important excerpt of each of the four area as explained on marketingland.


Faster ads, ads that can resize, and support for viewability; as well as integration with certain data management providers, and sponsored content providers is the way forward for advertising


Implementation for a richer analytics framework is in progress, with the initial functionality landing in December and more coming in the subsequent weeks.End-to-end testing for publishers and analytics vendors is expected to start in late December, with full testing happening in mid to late January.


The proposed solution covers metering and access for subscribers. Engineering is working out technical details on the spec and on prototyping the solution.

Content Format Innovation:

Highlights include amp-iframe, which now has a resizing capability, and amp-click-to-play to enable a rich experience within an iframe once a user interaction has occurred.

Support From New Publishers

Network18, NDTV, and DNA India in India; Tempo and Kompass in Indonesia; Chosun, Joongang, Maekyung, Yonhap, YTN, Newstapa, and Slow News in South Korea; Inquirer in the Philippines; Televisa and Grupo Expansión in Mexico; Fox News in the US; and LINE, Nikkan Sports, CINEMATODAY, and IID, Inc. in Japan have come on board to express their intention to support AMP next year. LinkedIn intends to support AMP in early 2016 by serving faster-AMP alternatives to its published content when available.

Here You can also create your own first AMP page.



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