Is there a Google Update?

There have been chatter of possible Google update last weekend i.e Nov 20 and Nov 21. People are telling they are seeing huge changes in their rankings and traffic from Google. Others are saying spammers have returned to the Google search results. I am getting this from forum threads, tweets and detailed emails with charts of traffic changes. So something is going on.

google update


Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he has nothing to announce, it might just be the 100s of changes they make to their search results every year. So clearly he is not aware of any search quality update that happened, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a core search change in Google.

Is it going to be a late confession Like last time that they declared there was no algorithm change at all and then a couple of weeks later admitted it was the new “Site Quality” update? :…

I personally believe it may by some phantom update. Here are three observations: A lot of direct niche oriented sites got a boost, A lot of the actual brand product website got a boost, and finally, a lot of major sites lost their Rich Snippets Stars in the SERPs.

So something is going on. Do you experience any change in your website ranking or traffic?Do share it and let us know



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