Mob Murdered a Man on the rumor of beef eating- Dadri is in India

Several battalions of CRPF and RRF have been deployed in Dadri village in Uttar Pradesh after an incident which took place on the night of 28 Sep 2015.

A 55-year-old man named Akhlaq was dragged and beaten to death by a mob which has become violent after an announcement was made from a local temple about the family of the victim consuming beef.Incidents like these are increasing day by day and ignoring them is becoming dangerous.

Will you like it that a group of your own country people turning against a person from another group just because they follow a different religion and have different eating habits?

Even if there was a doubt of the victim family consuming beef, Police & constitutional help could have been taken to discover the truth.But there is something which is giving strength to this kind of mob to take constitution in their hands and decide the fate of any person. Maybe they know that nothing is going to happen to them even if they kill a person over a rumour.This is a complete failure of Indian Law and Order system.But the thing to worry is that this is not a single isolated case, recently there had been an incident of pork been placed outside a mosque in Ranchi and Beef being placed outside the temple.This has been a tactic used for over 100 years in India to create a mindless, arrogant violent mob which is ready to suck the life out of you even at a rumor. How can somebody is not bothered about this kind of incidents? You can be dragged, pushed and brutally killed any day  on the basis of just a rumor.

What is the aftermath of such incident? Discussion and endless discussion somewhere in air-conditioned studios or social networks making us part of another mob who stand for and against the issue ready to blow each other in a matter of seconds

There is a need to think and think seriously that what kind of a society are we living in? Digital India, clean India, a permanent berth in UNSC Endless dreams and aspirations but do we deserve it?Which dream are we talking about? A dream which is shattered in any other night just on a rumor.


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