What are Search Engine Optimization/SEO Strategies and Tools in 2015

Search engine optimization
Can I get found on the first page of Google?

Search Engine Optimization starts with the very need and desire of getting found on the first page of google search result, so is it very difficult? No, But It requires us to think like a search engine.So welcome to the Free complete SEO guide for 2015 for all the tactics and SEO tools you need to know in order to rank higher in google search result.

So Search Engine Optimization is basically two types. On-site Optimization which is basic changes which you made to your website and Off-Site Optimization is everything else like links and social media.

On-site SEO: Research topics

  • What do people search most or what queries people type to search for product and services you offer? This is Google keyword research.
  • Use Keyword Planner its a very Powerful tool it can even forecast the number of impressions you can have for next few months or Google Analytics or any third party tool.
  • Go Broad Match for General Page topics instead of phrase match or exact match. This will give you a much higher traffic.
  • Having said that you can create a list of Broad match topics and then select Exact Match from it but only if it’s Natural and only if it make sense. Some terms make sense as search queries but not as page title, so you do not want to make it look Unnatural.
  • Think local when doing SEO because google is going to ignore keywords to some extent for example if someone type a query for dance classes google is going to show the result for dance classes in their particular location or adjoining areas.So go down to the local level when doing SEO.
  • Watch for Mobile Vs Desktop traffic, your site should be mobile optimized to take the advantage of the mobile traffic.

On-site SEO: Design pages for your website

  • So your have done your Keyword research and now ready to make your pages. This goes not only for users who are developing a new website but also for those who are adding new pages to their existing site.How many topics you want to put on a page? No more than 1 topics per page you don’t want more than 1 main keyword or  keyphrase per page and that’s the topics for that page.
  • You can also put the keyword in URL or Title, Heading1 -4 and content.Using the keyword in Title is preferred. Another Quick note for Exact Match Domain(EMD) is that they are risky. Search metrics in 2015 have shown that they are not of much help either. Exact match domain has an extra algorithm known as EMD Algorithm like PANDA which try to demote them and it seem to be susceptible to PENGUIN.Go for a catchy domain name which reflect brand recognition which people can remember over time instead of Risky EMD.
  • When writing write for humans- be precise and not be repetitive.
  • Write Title /Description for CTR, CTR is extremely Important. You can use this awesome free SEO tool– websiteadvantage.com.au/Google-SERP-Emulator. This will show you exactly what your snippet would look like, you can also use Adwords Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool also. Use psychological power words like Free, Now, New, You to improve CTR.Better Click through rate means Better Ranking.
  • Stay Fresh: Update content on your site regularly, upload new content, never delete a page if required always go for editing instead of deletion.Have an “updated on”, Current copyright and year in Title tag if room.

STRUCTURED DATA: This is another important thing in SEO 2015 that people underestimate entirely.The biggest Algorithm change in last 2 years has been Hummingbird. Since Hummingbird, google does not rank web pages.It ranks entities that have an associated URL. Let’s discuss this in some more detail with an example.

Google ranks entities
Google ranks entities

Google will crawl the web pages of the website and develop factoids from it which will include information such as author, product or services offered, contact information etc. Factoid are a part of entity another part of the entity is derived from off-page schema references like Wikipedia, blogs which talk about you, ratings and reviews from third party sources and not only this they will get information from social media too like twitter, g+, FB and more.

SCHEMA Gets big results: Fills in the “entity fabric” for google in building up what sites are best and what they are about.It makes them understand page type whether it’s an article page, product page, purchase page, contact page etc. It gets access to knowledge panel including “In-depth Articles”, It’s a very powerful 2015 off-page ranking factor.

Structured Data Tips:

  • Use Webmaster tool and check there are no errors in schema or Hatom
  • Use Webmaster tool data highlighter and Schema.org to define, freebase.org to define entity, & Ratings to get third party reference/quality signals


After the Pigeon update that is a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. Google stated that this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters. Following should be done to in order to rank higher locally.

  • Enhanced Listing is very helpful, Get yourself local Google business photographer and get yourself listed.
  • Maximize your map listing, Include more entity information like if you have free parking or bonuses etc include them in your listing information.
  • Have a quality site, Ensure that every user is completing the task at given page. For example if it’s a sign-up page, people are signing up or if it’s a contact page then people are contacting you. You don’t want users to bounce back to google and search for another site, believe me, this is not at all good for your ranking.
  • Have multiple good reviews from WIKI, forums, blogs etc.
  • Be mobile optimized, watch desktop vs mobile Traffic.


In 2015, you still need links but the quality is more Important than quantity. Get Links from sources which google trust.

  • High Authority sites which represent real businesses and that have a high trust rank, not just some spammy sites selling links for few dollars.
  • You should avoid links from multi-topic sites or a site which already is linking to a large number of other sites. If a site is already having 50 links to some other sites you certainly don’t want to get a link from that site.
  • Main content link.
  • Anchor text with natural stop words like “good site for organic food” etc
  • An appropriate quantity of links, don’t match current spam pattern.

Links Ignored By Google:

  • Links from new blogs or multitopic sites are ignored by google.
  • Manual post sites or Directories, Articles, etc.
  • Followed sidebar or footer links
  • Comments, Social bookmarks, etc


  • Sharing of your pages by users on social media helps a lot, Google seeing it that some content going viral help you rank faster and higher.(Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc) .
  • You also need to have activity in associated profiles, that tells google that you are a real site, you have an official sounding fan page or business page which has a lot of activities and is associated with your website that is a very good signal for Google telling it that you are a real site.In order to get it, the following should be done.
  • Post share-worthy content, Engage, Talk, Comment with the users
  • Get Buzz from Experts, If you have any expert in your field reach out to them and get them talking to you on your social media profile or get them commenting on your post or twits.
  • So there is no sandbox for what’s trending, the more popular the more you will rank for a topic.
  • Get all the positive mentions/Ratings u can.

SEO 2015

So it’s not that difficult to rank Higher in Google but you have to jump these sharks which are DEMOTERS

PANDA: It’s the single biggest demoter algorithm moving forward, It’s based upon usage metrics & on/off page factors. Google’s Panda Update is a search filter meant to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. Panda is updated from time-to-time. When this happens, sites previously hit may escape if they’ve made the right changes. Panda may also catch sites that escaped before. A refresh also means “false positives” might get released. So apart from 23 question and answers from google on what should and shouldn’t be done to avoid panda here are some do’s and don’t.


1. First and the foremost thing is to have the Satisfied users.

2. Your website should have professional finishing.

3. You should have legit business signals

4. Outlink to authorities

5. Be shared, liked, and Reviewed.


  1. You just don’t want to crap content for the sake of SEO, this is what panda eats so don’t make SEO content.
  2. Do not duplicate or stuff content with keywords just to rank higher in google, it’s of no use.
  3. Don’t have a bad reputation out there.
  4. Annoy User with Ads and Pop-ups.
  5. Don’t have naked affiliate links.

PENGUIN: It’s a “web spam” or “over optimization” Algorithm to better catch sites deemed to be spamming its search results, in particular, those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings. When a new Penguin Update is released, sites that have taken action to remove bad links can regain their ranking. It’s a page based Algorithm. It put a flag on the page which is affected.

How to remove it?

  • Remove on-page keyword repetition.
  • Delete at least 80% of exact match query backlinks pointing to that particular page.
  • 404 or delete the target page because it’s a page based Algorithm.

PAYDAY LOANS: This algorithm specifically targets “very spammy queries”.  The 2.0 version targeted spammy sites, whereas version 3.0 targets spammy queries.What exactly that means is not 100% clear. But the types of queries this targets includes terms like [payday loans], [casinos], [viagra] and other forms of highly spammy queries.

NEGATIVE SEO: Negative SEO occurs when someone makes an attempt to lower a site’s rankings in the search engines. There are multiple ways that this can be attempted. The most common type of negative SEO that gets discussed is link based negative SEO, but there are many other techniques that unscrupulous people can use to try to reduce your rankings.

  • Set up Google webmaster tool Email Alerts

Google can send you email alerts when:

  1. Your website is being attacked by malware
  2. Your pages are not indexed
  3. You have server connectivity problems
  4. You get a manual penalty from Google

If you haven’t already, connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Keep track of your backlink profiles:This is the most important action to take to prevent spammers from succeeding. Most often, they will perform negative SEO against your website by building low-quality links or redirects. It is vitally important to know when someone is creating links or redirects to your website.You can use tools like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer, from time to time, to manually check if someone is building links to your website
  • Secure your website from malware and hackers.
  • Check for duplicate content with Copyscape.com.
  • Find mentions of your company name on social media and websites withMention.net.
  • Monitor website uptime with Pingdom.com.

If all above mentioned things are taken care of your site will definitely start ranking better in few months.

If you have any Suggestions or Feedback on the topic, do let me know in the comment section.



The aspirational vision of a future world challenges you, the civil engineer, to rise to a new level of leadership and professionalism. The society has entrusted you with a vision to achieve a sustainable world and raise the global quality of life. To get that confidence, civil engineers, as a body of professionals, should exhibit mastery in five key areas:

Master Builders

To achieve the first vision, civil engineers as leaders in planning, designing, and constructing the built environment will have to position themselves as the helm of multi-disciplinary, global, collaborative, team that carry out successful projects. They will have to acquire a new, more expansive body of knowledge, provide ethical guidance, attract a diverse workforce, and define the knowledge and responsibility for each member of a well-defined hierarchy of professionals.

Care Takers Of Environment

Civil Engineers will have to put new technology, techniques and financial methods in place for sustainable planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance for the built and natural environment and will have to encourage owners to adopt new environmental technologies and techniques to improve the quality of life, while environmental stewardship becomes an integral part of engineering education and research.

Innovation And Strategic Research

Innovation and integration of new technology are the way forward and it will help define the research agenda. This will take a variety of efforts, including identifying and prioritizing emerging technologies and innovations, fostering civil engineering input into strategic research planning, influencing and bolstering funds for research, promoting faster application of new technologies and multi-national knowledge exchange, championing diversity and inclusion in the profession, and accelerating the integration of technology through spirited partnerships among diverse sectors.

Risk Management

Civil engineers need to have mettle in assessing and managing risk—forging new tactics for reducing the incidence and effects of natural and man-made disasters. Civil engineers will lead enterprise-wide risk management efforts and routinely make project-specific risk decisions, communicating risks and mitigation options to project colleagues, clients, government agencies, and the general public. At the same time, they will advance new approaches to balance business risk and reward. To have an impact, risk management must become part of every civil engineering project—a step as basic as scheduling and budgeting—and a key ingredient of all communication channels.

Role In Public Policy

There is a greater need for civil engineers to expand their role in public policy making. Through the efforts of civil engineers, policy-makers, and the public will understand the hard-wired link between infrastructure and the quality of life. That means civil engineers must be given the tools and training for engagement in public policy work while they become more vocal participants in public policy forums and increasingly serve in appointed and elected positions. Civil engineers will learn to lead and become motivated to initiate, communicate, negotiate, and participate in cross-professional efforts to envision societal changes that shape the quality of life.

Social Media Marketing Strategy And General Best Practices

Social Media Strategy

To minimize wasted efforts, time, and data, it’s essential to spend time in developing a unified and comprehensive social media marketing strategy that complement existing marketing objective of the company.

Overview of Social Media Strategy Component and Best Practices

  • Social Media Audits
  • Objectives
  • Online Brand Persona Voice
  • Once these three are addressed you can start considering strategy components
  • Roles and Responsibilities are clear within the team and everyone is aware of what they are supposed to be doing and how? A social media policy should be in place to avoid inappropriate use of social media platform.
  • Measurement of success of the social media strategy.

Let’s Discuss each of these in some detail

Social Media Audit: It enables you to analyze what’s working and what’s not in your existing social media efforts.Log all of your social media properties, follower counts, engagement rates and activity per week. Sync with your marketing department to know about your customer age, gender, buying habits and interest.If this information is not available with them then you can consider collecting it through a customer survey also.

Now the second step is competitive analysis. How does your competitor using social media? What seems to be working for them? Do you share the same audience? Gather Insight into your competitors engaging content.

Now the last component of the audit is knowing what value your company is adding to your customer through social media now? vs the value you want to add.

An honest and thorough review will provide you with critical insight on how to build the best social media marketing strategy.

Setting Strategic Goals: Objectives, KPIs and Key Messages

In order to create the social media strategy that make the best use of resources, It must be guided by goals that contribute directly to larger business objectives.

Each goal you set for social media platforms should be SMART i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, reliable and time bound.

Key Message is what you want the public to know about your business.

Specifying Brand Persona and Voice: As your brand social media awareness increases its necessary to maintain consistency in your communication with a document that defines your brand voice.Make sure that your messaging remain on the brand at regular intervals.

Once you settle on your social media objectives, it’s time to decide which strategies you can use to attain your goals

Strategies and tools to consider: Strategies can be grouped into three categories namely PAID, OWNED, EARNED.

Paid: Social Ad Strategies and Promoted tweets come under this category

Owned: Brand properties you own and control and can use strategically to leverage benefits like Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter account etc.Content Strategy also falls under this umbrella, writing useful content and promoting it on various social media platform in order to help increase brand awareness. Another owned strategy to consider is Employee Advocacy, Empower your employees to amplify your brand online and become active participants in conversations about your products and services.

Earned: These are the most credible as they refer to exposure your brand earned through public acceptance and a strong emotional connection with your business. This includes word of mouth recommendations from previous customers, Positive conversations regarding your products and services, Endorsement by influencers and Media coverages.

Tools to support workflow can be considered (e.g., Hootsuite for listening, engaging & measuring your interactions, Kapost for curating content that may interest your audience or Vimeo for sharing videos).

Factoring in Timing and Key Dates: Identifying and defining key dates & timing is essential when planning social media activity ensuring that you have sufficient time planning for season or holidays that matters the most. Define the period of time you will be developing content, The dates when you will be releasing it and overall duration of the campaign.

Other timing factors to be considered are Reporting Intervals in order to measure the success of a company you need to evaluate its effectiveness over time. You can check progress monthly, quarterly & Semi-annually.

Lastly, look for any internal event that may demand social media amplification like company’s volunteer event or award ceremonies and follow same steps to ensure you can provide adequate support.

Putting Together a Content Game Plan: Content marketing is Important to develop a close relationship with its audience, Establish an authority in industry niche and contribute to overarching business objectives.

Administrative Considerations

How to set up the roles and responsibilities on your teams:

  • Who has access to companies branded social media channel should be reviewed?
  • Who will fulfill the responsibilities of key roles should be clearly determined.

A plan should be in place for the time of high volume social media activity.

Creating Social Media Policy And Guidelines for the Company: A Policy should be developed to outline the appropriate and inappropriate use of social media channels of the company by its employees.

Creating Critical Response Plan: A negative event or customer experience can quickly escalate into the public-facing issue so it is necessary to have a plan in place to deal with such critical situation. A critical response plan has four parts

  • A social listening protocol to catch negative sentiments as it arises
  • A list of designated decision makers who are authorized to act in such situations
  • A step by step action plan for dealing with a particular Scenario
  • And Pre-approved messaging

Evaluating Success of Social Media Strategy:
Applying Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement to Your Social Media Strategies ‹‹

By measuring your results against your objectives at regular intervals, you can identify what strategies and tactics work well, those that don’t, and adjust course as necessary.
‹‹The two types of measurement to consider for your KPIs are Quantitative and Qualitative.

Applying Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement to Your Social Media Strategies:

  • ‹‹Once you’ve gathered the data on your key performance indicators, adjust course by either optimizing your strategy or pursuing a different direction.
  • ‹‹You can think of this process in three parts – gathering the data, analyzing it, and taking action based on the insights the data provides.

Mob Murdered a Man on the rumor of beef eating- Dadri is in India

murder over beef rumor

Several battalions of CRPF and RRF have been deployed in Dadri village in Uttar Pradesh after an incident which took place on the night of 28 Sep 2015.

A 55-year-old man named Akhlaq was dragged and beaten to death by a mob which has become violent after an announcement was made from a local temple about the family of the victim consuming beef.Incidents like these are increasing day by day and ignoring them is becoming dangerous.

Will you like it that a group of your own country people turning against a person from another group just because they follow a different religion and have different eating habits?

Even if there was a doubt of the victim family consuming beef, Police & constitutional help could have been taken to discover the truth.But there is something which is giving strength to this kind of mob to take constitution in their hands and decide the fate of any person. Maybe they know that nothing is going to happen to them even if they kill a person over a rumour.This is a complete failure of Indian Law and Order system.But the thing to worry is that this is not a single isolated case, recently there had been an incident of pork been placed outside a mosque in Ranchi and Beef being placed outside the temple.This has been a tactic used for over 100 years in India to create a mindless, arrogant violent mob which is ready to suck the life out of you even at a rumor. How can somebody is not bothered about this kind of incidents? You can be dragged, pushed and brutally killed any day  on the basis of just a rumor.

What is the aftermath of such incident? Discussion and endless discussion somewhere in air-conditioned studios or social networks making us part of another mob who stand for and against the issue ready to blow each other in a matter of seconds

There is a need to think and think seriously that what kind of a society are we living in? Digital India, clean India, a permanent berth in UNSC Endless dreams and aspirations but do we deserve it?Which dream are we talking about? A dream which is shattered in any other night just on a rumor.