Being thankful doesn’t mean you are content or you don’t desire more..


After an argument with my husband I sat in my balcony overlooking a construction site, thinking life has been unfair to me. It was then a laborer making his temporary house with tin sheets caught my eye, suddenly I realized has life been more unfair to this laborer who struggle for even basic necessities of life than it has been to me. Then why even after having all the comforts and even few luxuries of life, the thought of life being unfair crossed my mind, maybe because life did not turned up to be what I had planned or wanted it to be. So am I ungrateful? No, I have always acknowledged the favour of God for whatever he has bestowed up on me. So what is it which is troubling me and letting me think that life has not been just to me?

Going back to memory lanes I recall being born in a middle class family, having not so supportive father and truly independent mother who has rock strong aspirations of making life better and worthwhile. Life has not been always easy for us, we always had our share of problems, grief, rejection, unhappiness and all. But still, I have been the lucky one who got what they wanted no matter I got It after years of hard work, self-determination & planning. Then what went?

Even in my teen years I never dreamed of a handsome hunk to be my life partner, being well settled and understanding was the only criteria on my mind when searching for a life partner. Got married years ago to a man who is loving and responsible son for his mother, caring brother and a truly loving and a fun father to his son a man who is near perfect gentlemen in the eyes of all around him. Then what went wrong? Why I have argument with him  every now and then on smallest of issues. How a person whom I married thinking he is very understanding cannot be understood by me now? Life is unfair to me? Or I am just being ungrateful?

Life goes on with everlasting question of survival, success, independence, harmony and passion and I am still here seeking a perfect life, perfect world, a perfect tomorrow .

Perfect balance.


3 thoughts on “Being thankful doesn’t mean you are content or you don’t desire more..

  1. Asna beautifully expressed! Your anguish in seeking perfection is right. However, I’ve read somewhere and I truly believe in it, that Allah has created perfection for Jannah only and we yearn for perfection here on earth, hence, giving us one more reason or a clue one can say to be nearer to the Almighty.
    Keep writing!


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